WATCH NOW: The doco shaking up the Voice debate

Have you seen the new FAIR AUSTRALIA ad yet?

It was launched last night on Credlin on Sky News and it’s already having a massive impact.

You can check out the full 9-minute documentary:

Featuring NT senator and campaign spokeswoman Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and her husband Colin Lillie, ‘One, Together’ brings home in a personal sense the real impact of this massive change to Australia’s national rulebook.

The fact is, dividing our country by race isn’t just a theoretical thing on a piece of paper. It’s a change to the very fabric of our nation and for Jacinta and Colin: it’s personal.

The divisive Voice is a powerful and unique body that sits outside the government and parliament. It gives one group of people an extra say compared to every other Australian and as Jacinta and Colin say, that’s not fair and it’s not right.

They are Australians first. And they won’t stand for a line going through their family.

Nor should we stand for a line going through our country.

Speaking with Credlin last night Jacinta said, “And I think Australians need to understand just what's being asked and the magnitude of this ask of Australians going forward.”

And her husband Colin put it well: “I've got sons and I don't want our sons to feel that, with being a blended family, one side is more important than the other.”

They’re an inspiring couple and it’s a powerful ad that’s going to shake up the referendum debate.

FAIR AUSTRALIA will be airing short versions of the documentary as ads in the coming weeks and it’s just the start of the fight against the divisive Voice.