Donation policy

Fair Australia powered by Advance is funded by Australians for Unity (AFU). AFU is a registered charity, with Deductible Gift Recipient status. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

AFU is required to disclose the name and address of any person or entity that makes donations to AFU above the $15,200 disclosure threshold. You can read more about this here.

All donations made to AFU will go to supporting the ‘No’ campaign by Fair Australia, powered by ADVANCE.

We raise money through donations to pay for things like advertising, digital content, research, billboards, print advertisements and data. We accept donations from mainstream Australians who share our beliefs.

We are driven by you, not business, a union, a religious organisation or any other community organisation. We are not a political party and are not aligned to any – we are truly independent.

When you support Fair Australia, funded by AFU, you're fueling the campaign to defeat the divisive Voice through ads, volunteer recruitment, media engagement, and many other campaigning activities.

Your donation makes our movement stronger and enhances Australia’s democracy now and for future generations.


Fair Australia powered by Advance, funded by Australians for Unity, is deeply committed to the rule of law, together with enabling greater democratic participation via donations from everyday Australians.

However, there are some individuals (like people who aren’t Australian citizens) and businesses from whom we don’t accept donations due to our principles, mission and core values, together with electoral laws across the country.

By donating to Fair Australia, funded by Australians for Unity, donors confirm that:

  • The individual or entity making the donation is not a Foreign Donor, as defined by the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918).
  • The funds they are donating are not being provided to them by another person or entity for the purposes of making their contribution.

As a registered Significant Third Party, Australians for Unity is obliged under the Commonwealth Electoral Act to disclose to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) cumulative donations of $15,200 or more in a financial year. The AEC will publish these reports on its website.

Disclosure of Donor Identity

Donors who contribute an amount of $1,000 or more in aggregate are required to be disclosed to the Electoral Commission Queensland.

This disclosure is made by Australians For Unity Ltd. and must include the name and address of the donor. Donors which are companies or trusts must provide details of financial officer or trustee(s) as applicable.