SIGN THE PLEDGE: Australians should be one, together. Not two, divided.

Goal: 250000 Signatures

Advance Australia Fair.
The name of our national anthem tells you a lot about our country.
It tells you that Australians tackle our problems shoulder to shoulder, as equals.
It shouldn’t matter who you are, it shouldn’t matter where you come from.
And it certainly shouldn’t matter if your skin is black or white.
In Australia, we should all get a fair go.

But a small band of politicians and activists want to change that sacred Australian principle by wrecking your Constitution and threatening your democracy with an ‘Indigenous Voice to Parliament’.

For the first time in our history, our national rulebook will be tilted in favour of one group of Australians depending on their race.

The Voice will drive a wedge between Indigenous peoples and divide Aussies by race.
It will be a dividing line through the heart of our nation.

It’s divisive, it’s dangerous, it’s expensive and it’s not fair.

I say Australia should be one together. Not two, divided.

I pledge to vote NO to the Voice.

Will you pledge?