Powered by ADVANCE, led by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Fair Australia is a grassroots movement of Australians pledged to vote ‘NO’ in Labor’s Voice to Parliament referendum.

Fair Australia is campaigning to demonstrate to mainstream Australians that the Voice is divisive, dangerous, expensive and not fair:


The Voice is Divisive

Not all Indigenous Australians want the Voice. Not only that, for the first time in our nation’s history, your Constitution would divide Australians by race. No other group of Australians will have a constitutionally enshrined say over parliament and government: not Australians with disabilities, single parents, senior Australians, nor anyone else.


The Voice is Dangerous

There’s no way the Voice has been fully thought through, which is why Labor is saying the detail will come after Australians vote. The Constitution is not a toy and constitutional changes are a big deal. Rewriting it to create a new race-based body, which will exert significant political clout, risks upending our parliamentary democracy in ways we are yet to understand. The Albanese Government is clear that the Voice is just the first step. The Voice is the mechanism through which they will make more changes to how our government and democracy works, through a “treaty” and a “truth-telling” commission.


The Voice is Expensive

Every Australian believes Indigenous communities deserve significant financial support. But currently, we spend more on direct government funding for Aboriginal Australians than we do on the NDIS, Medicare or Defence – almost $40 billion a year, or $100 million a day. And yet for decades there has been almost no discernible improvement in the lives of Indigenous Australians. If the NDIS or Medicare were delivering outcomes as bad as this for $100 million a day, there would be a Royal Commission, not a Voice to Parliament.


The Voice is Not Fair

The activists behind the Voice have had their chance and now enough is enough. Aboriginal Australians do not need a taxpayer funded lobby group written into the heart of our Constitution. There are already too many culture warriors in this country – in the public service, in our sport, in our schools, and in our workplaces. They’ve come for Australia Day, and they’re coming for more. The Voice will mean they have the constitutional right to do so. It’s time we said, enough.