The yawning elites are tired of your questions…

As expected, the wording of the constitutional change that will enshrine the divisive Voice is continuing to generate debate and discussion.

Lawyers and academics continue to tease out the implications for our democracy of putting this new and untested representative body in our national rulebook.

This contentious change is a big deal and many respected legal minds take different views on it.

But don’t tell that to the elite activists pushing for the Voice. As far as they’re concerned there’s nothing to see here.

This is the great miracle of the Voice: it’s both modest and historic. It won’t affect Parliament or Government or anything but also if we don’t do it – it will be a disaster.

And as for those technical constitutional questions: don’t you worry your little minds about it.

Professor Megan Davis – who proclaimed the Uluru Statement back in 2017 and has been intimately involved in all parts of the referendum since – simply responds with a yawning emoji when challenged on a constitutional interpretation by a lawyer on Twitter.

Don’t ask questions, just say yes. That’s the message now.

Despite the fact that there were reports Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus had concerns about the referendum wording. Despite experts like Greg Craven – who were involved in some of the early referendum design work – saying the wording is now a mess. 

Even Julian Leeser, who has just resigned as Shadow Attorney General to campaign for a yes vote, is pushing for a different form of words because of the constitutional implications.

But the academic and activist elite in Canberra don’t want you worrying about that.

Sure, the original process which led to the Uluru Statement might have included dialogues with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

But since then, academics and activists have captured the idea and they will not tolerate dissent.

And they are sick of your questions.

Australians know this for a fact: the Constitution is our national rulebook and changing it is a big deal. 

The pro-Voice elitists need to stop yawning at ordinary Australians and start answering our questions.