The top backers of Albo’s Indigenous Voice? Teal-voting woke elites…

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

PM Albanese and the Labor party like to market themselves as the “party of the worker”, the “party of the little man” and the “party of the Aussie battler”.

But judging by his mates, it’s clear has become the “party of the woke elite”.

Think about it…

The Australian Financial Review has revealed filmmaker Rachel Perkins, former Wesfarmers boss Michael Chaney and Queensland Labor heavyweight Andrew Fraser have just been appointed to lead the outfit aiming to raise millions of dollars for the Yes campaign for Albo’s ‘Voice to Parliament’.

Other members of the Yes campaign outfit include the managing party of high-flying law firm Gilbert+Tobin, Indigenous leader Noel Pearson, Voice campaigner Thomas Mayor and From the Heart chief executive Dean Parkin.

There’s also AFL diversity and inclusion head Tania Hosch, one-time Kevin Rudd press secretary Lachlan Harris, pollster Mark Textor and Reconciliation Australia chief executive Karen Mundine joining the board.

Our point?

The Yes campaign is all about three types of people:

  1. Woke corporate elites in corner offices overlooking Sydney Harbour
  2. Career activists who’ve made a living by calling Australia racist and claiming to speak for Indigenous Australians from the Canberra bubble
  3. Labor party hacks who wouldn’t know a real job if it hit them in the face

On the other hand, the No campaign is for ordinary Aussies who can see through woke rubbish and pathetic virtue-signalling.

2GB’s Ben Fordham has proven our point. 

In a fiery interview with the PM this morning, Ben demanded that Albanese reveal the details about his “Indigenous Voice” before taking it to a referendum.

Albo’s response?

“Go have a look at the report, it is 260 pages long. It goes through [detail about] the national and regional Voice”.

In response, Ben said, “you're losing people when you constantly refer to reports... this is a radio show”.

…Ben couldn’t be more correct.

As Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said, Albanese is “treating us like mugs”.

Albo isn’t revealing the details of his proposed ‘Voice to Parliament’.

When asked to reveal the details, he fobs voters off and tells them to read a 260-page report written by career activists…which by the way clearly says the Voice will have a “right to advise the Parliament and Australian Government on national matters of significance” (i.e., it will confer special rights and privileges on one group of Australians based on their race).

…and even his own parliamentary colleagues seem clueless about what this “Indigenous Voice” is all about.

Just ask Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.

On the ABC’s 7:30 Report earlier this week, Dreyfus tried to explain Albo’s Voice. 

However, he had to refer to his notes 21 times in a minute.

Worst of all the dot points he was reading were identical to those in a Tweet posted by his colleague Linda Burney the day before.

As Ben Fordham wrote, “How serious are Labor about the Indigenous Voice when the Attorney General has to rely on cue cards! … It’s amateur hour!”