Nampijinpa Price: ‘I’m an Australian to begin with…’

Fair Australia spokeswoman and Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Namipijinpa Price appeared on ABC’s Q & A on Monday and articulated the big problem with the divisive Voice: it will separate Australians along the lines of race.

In the closing question of the show, Jacinta said:

“I’m an Australian to begin with and I have a Warlpiri mother and a white Australian father but first of all I am Australian.”

She went on to explain that the Indigenous activists and politicians in the big cities and in Canberra are pushing their own narratives about the issues facing remote communities and that those narratives need to change because:

“We’re all individuals in our own right. We should be treated as such. And we shouldn’t be treated separately, as a separate entity, as a separate race to the rest of the nation because we are Australian citizens.”

This cuts to the heart of why changing the constitution is such a big deal.

By placing the Voice in its own chapter with its own powers representing one particular group of Australians, you are, by definition, separating one group from another.

We all know there are unique problems affecting Indigenous Australians but, as Jacinta articulates, we solve those problems as Australians; together, not separately.