Vote No to the divisive Voice and save billions

The Federal Budget is shelling out a whopping $2 billion extra on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs, including more money for health, housing, education and employment.

Do we really need this divisive Voice when we're already pouring a fortune into Indigenous communities?

$1.9 billion is a huge funding commitment, and this doesn’t even include the hefty $364 million price tag already attached to the Voice.

They’re allocating $250 million to address ongoing issues, like community safety and alcohol-related harm.

But instead of empowering local decision-making, they want to add another bureaucratic layer with the Voice.

Education is getting a $60 million kick, which sounds great. But shouldn’t we focus on making the most of that investment before jumping into the whole Voice circus?

Instead of wasting time and resources on the divisive Voice, let's evaluate the effectiveness of what we’re spending now.

We need a sustainable change within Indigenous communities, not more bureaucratic red tape and waste.

The financial commitments to Indigenous communities are already significant.

It's high time we question the need for more unnecessary layers of government.

We need to prioritise existing programs without burdening taxpayers with an unnecessary $364 million bill.

The Voice proposal is nothing but a costly distraction from the real issues faced by Indigenous communities.

Vote ‘NO’ to the Voice and stand against wasteful spending and unnecessary bureaucracy.

FACT: Taxpayers spend at least $100 million a day on direct support for Indigenous Australians.

That’s $39.5 billion of direct government expenditure a year1.

That’s more than we spend on the NDIS ($35.5 billion), Medicare ($31.3 billion) or defence ($38 billion).

It’s about the same as the Federal Government’s entire spend on schools and universities ($39.7 billion).

Not only does this eye watering amount include welfare payments direct to individuals, it includes the money splurged on government programs, grants, non-profits, and lobby groups – an entire professional activist industry that is meant to help Indigenous Australians.

And yet for decades there has been almost no discernible improvement in the lives of Indigenous Australians.

In fact, if the NDIS or Medicare were delivering outcomes as bad as this $100 million a day, there would be a Royal Commission.


1 – $33.4 billion in 2017 adjusted for inflation is $39.5 billion in 2023.