Response to Dutton proves his point

It’s great news for the country that Peter Dutton and the Liberal Party announced they would be opposing the divisive Voice.

Dutton is right: we all want to see better outcomes for Indigenous Australians but changing the constitution is a big deal that we shouldn’t take lightly.

And the fact is the Voice is a bad idea that’s divisive and bad for the country.

Dutton said it well in his press conference:

Every Australian wants to see a better outcome for Indigenous Australians, but the Prime Minister’s divisive Canberra voice is not going to deliver that

And later on:

I’ve taken a decision today that I believe is in our country’s best interests…I honestly believe that you’ve got a situation that the Prime Minister is promoting at the moment that is not going to unite and we’ve already seen that it’s dividing the country and he refuses to answer the most basic of questions.

The Voice is already dividing Australians and it took less than 24 hours for Albo himself to prove Dutton right.

Albo wasted no time in saying Dutton was just being “negative” and claimed it was all about “internal politics”.

Meanwhile Dan Andrews joined him in making personal attacks. Andrews said it was “appalling” and “nasty”.

Talk about divisive.

Notice they never talk about Jacinta Price this way - an Indigenous woman who opposes them would be too much to handle. They never acknowledge the existence of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who don’t support the Voice.

But also notice there’s no substance. They’re not defending the divisive Voice. They’re not explaining why racial separation in the constitution is actually good.

Just name calling and partisan politics.

So much for unity.

But the bullying won’t work.

Australians are getting the message: it’s a bad idea to upend our constitution and compromise our democracy through the divisive Voice.