Fair Australia

Thank you for fighting to keep Australia one and free.

If the activists win this one, the dangerous and divisive Voice to Parliament will change our nation for the worse and forever.

It’s not going to unify Australians – it will divide us.

It elevates one group of Australians over another with extra privileges and undermines the idea of us being one and free.

It’s not a “modest” proposal. It’s dangerous. Its powers are undefined and it sets the platform for activists to push treaties which will completely undermine our democracy. And once it’s in the constitution, we can’t take it out.

That’s why I’m saying NO and I am grateful to have you with me.

While the ‘yes’ campaign has the backing of the government, big business, and the media behind it, it is up to ordinary Australians to push back.

Your tax deductible gift today to meet the $500,000 March campaign goal will build the FAIR AUSTRALIA campaign to defend our constitution and keep Australia one and free. 

And thanks to a generous backer who has offered a $250,000 Match Fund, your gift today will have DOUBLE the campaign impact.

But the full $250,000 Match Fund will only be released if friends like you meet this challenge by March 31… whatever portion of the fund is not matched will be lost!  

By investing your $500 today, thanks to the Match Fund your gift will be doubled to become $1000 and amplify the powerful message that we are stronger together as one, not separate and divided.

Every contribution to the Fair Australia ‘no’ campaign is tax deductible via Australians For Unity Ltd funding.

Thank you for stepping up to join the fight.

Yours in unity,

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
on behalf of FAIR AUSTRALIA

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