Fair Australia

We are stronger when we’re one together, not two divided.

That’s true of my family and it’s true of the Australian family.

You and I don’t want division put into the heart of our nation’s rulebook, the Constitution.

I’ve seen and lived first hand the difficulties and deep struggles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

But the answer isn’t to make us more separate – because nothing gets fixed by more division.

FAIR AUSTRALIA’s short documentary One, Together tells the story of why I will be voting no to the divisive Voice.

Your tax-deductible contribution today will help hit a crucial $450,000 campaign advertising target to make sure millions more Australians see the powerful ads we’ve cut from this moving documentary.

And importantly, every contribution to the Fair Australia ‘no’ campaign is tax deductible via Australians For Unity Ltd funding.

This is your chance to tell your fellow Australians the truth about what the Voice will do to our country.

We’re all Australians and we’re in this together.

And I’m grateful to be standing with you in this fight.

Yours in unity,

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

on behalf of FAIR AUSTRALIA

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