Dear Peter Dutton: make Jacinta Price your Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Dear Peter Dutton,

If there are two things you can do to make sure you win the next election, ditch ‘Net Zero’ and make Senator Jacinta Price your Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

Think about it, mate!

Senator Price is exactly the sort of Indigenous leader we need standing up to Labor’s woke rubbish.

Yesterday, Price slammed Albo’s Indigenous Voice to parliament proposal, saying:

“I’ve spoken to people throughout communities in the Northern Territory, those whose first language is not English, who don’t understand what this voice proposal is about, who are living their day to day lives worrying about how they’re not going to encounter violence in their lives, worrying about how they’re going to manage their affairs without humbug from their relatives who are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse, worrying about ensuring that their kids are actually going to get to school because now that remote community is overcome with alcohol fuelled violence.

“We are here to serve Australian citizens of all backgrounds. And it’s not right to divide us along the lines of race, especially within our Australian founding document.”

Of course, the career activists are terrified of her.

Why? She’s one of the few Australian politicians who sees through their self-interested posturing.

And Senator Price is one of the only Indigenous leaders in the country who is actually doing something about the situation in remote communities.

Forget woke symbolism like putting the Indigenous flag up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Forget pathetic welcomes-to-country that do nothing but make CEOs and journalists feel better about themselves.

Forget apologies on behalf of people who weren’t alive to even see Australia become its own country.

Price focuses on the real – and incredibly important – issues that impact Indigenous Australians.

The list is long and impressive.

She is one of the only Indigenous leaders who stands up for Indigenous women who experience domestic violence and sexual assault at rates far greater than women in the rest of the population.

She is one of the only Indigenous leaders who stands up for remote Indigenous workers who can’t get a job because Australian politicians and business leaders are obsessed with the capital cities.

She is one of the only Indigenous leaders who has the guts to tell it like it is about the substance abuse issues and alcoholism in Indigenous communities.

She is one of the only Indigenous leaders who is fighting for a cashless debit card.

She is one of the only Indigenous leaders who has called out governments of the last five decades for making Indigenous Australians dependent on welfare or “sit down money” as it was first called in the 1970s.

…and she is one of the only Indigenous leaders in this country who has called out identity politics and woke activists for trying to divide Australians against each other by falsely victimising Indigenous people.

So, to Noel Pearson:

Back off mate.

Jacinta Price has far more support than you ever will.

…and that’s because she has the truth and integrity on her side.