Albo’s Voice is a massive threat to our parliamentary democracy

The Albanese government couldn’t be any clearer: the “Voice to Parliament” is not just some feel-good virtue-signal that will make our Indigenous brothers and sisters feel more included.

It is a total overhaul of our democratic system and constitution that will entrench power in the hands of activists, bureaucrats and Australia-hating politicians.

The evidence piles in by the day.

Over the weekend, Labor’s “special envoy for reconciliation”, Patrick Dodson, said “to have a treaty, you have to have a voice, you have to have an entity, you have to have a group of people that have a standing or that … have credibility.”

In other words?

The Voice is just the beginning.

Next it will be a Treaty, then a Truth Telling Commission.

As legal academic George Williams told SBS: “...a treaty might recognise the history and occupation of Australia by Indigenous people, offer reparations for historical injustices and establish mutual goals for the future.”

Reparations? Vote for the Voice and get a bill for reparations? Is that what Albanese is planning?

And how about transferring land to Indigenous Australians? Ask Tom Calma, the designer of the Voice, who told an ABC audience the other week:

“…a treaty is between two sovereign parties, and the only real treaty that we’ve seen in Australia at the moment is the Noongar native title claim over Perth, where the West Australian government and the Noongar people came to an agreement. There was land swapping. There was, you know, compensation paid. That’s what a treaty is about…”

Even the Attorney-General, the most powerful legal authority in the land, is on the same page as Dodson.

In an interview with one of his mates at the ABC, Dreyfus said, “the Uluru Statement called for starting with the Voice. That's what we're going to do and of course there are other elements in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. They include truth telling and treaty but they come next.”

…and if you question any of this what will you be derided as?

Well, according to the Prime Minister, you’ll be a racist, violent insurrectionist!

As the Guardian reported:

“Anthony Albanese will pitch this year’s voice to parliament referendum as a gesture of trust in the Australian people at a time when increasing polarisation and misinformation means democracy needs to be ‘nourished, protected, cared for, treated with respect’.

“Referencing the 2021 Capitol insurrection in Washington and the recent uprising in Brazil – violence triggered because people ‘had fallen headlong into poisonous conspiracy theories’ – Albanese will tell a thinktank on Sunday that leaders need to ‘heed the warning’ of those events, and take steps to safeguard democratic liberalism, according to an advance copy of his remarks.”

So, if you’re against his Voice and the Treaty that will no doubt follow, the PM thinks you’re a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who is hellbent on violently tearing down democratic liberalism.

What a joke!

Unfortunately, this is what Australians are up against.

We are dealing with a government that wants to ram through a drastic change to our constitution and democratic system.

We are dealing with a government that wants to use this change as a catalyst for even more radical changes to our system of government.

…and we are dealing with a government that will shamelessly demonise any opposition to their cynical power-grab…

This is why we need your help.

ADVANCE has mounted a campaign to push back against this madness.

With well over 70,000 Aussies already having signed up, we’re making great progress.

But we’re not stopping until we win.

So, please, sign up to protect your vote and constitution: